Fun Times

In the school in San Cristobel Verapez, the teachers help the hearing students to learn sign language so they can communicate with the Deaf students of the same age. Kevin in the middle is Deaf and these 3 boys are the best of friends. At recess, they always fly kites and play ball together. In the classroom they help each other with the work. Jorge (on the left) will ensure he has Kevin’s attention before discussing what they are going to do for fun at recess.  It is so encouraging to see the inclusive environment that is forming at the school.



Zumba anyone?

Working within the school system means that the Deaf Schools Teacher Training Team takes part in all the activities of the school day. Having fun with the Zumba teacher volunteering his time at Escuela Educación Especial provided us with the opportunity to interact with the Deaf students and their teachers in a fun way.




Sometimes it is play and not all work.

During our 2019 team trip to Peru, we had the great fortune to work with Carmen Zavala from Health Bridges International. Carmen is the Program Coordinator in Peru and through her organization we provided presentations to community rehabilitation centers. We had fun presenting information to their therapists and families with Carmen. Then we definitely had fun spending the day with her on the sand dunes in Huacachina in the south of Peru. Going up and down the dunes at high speeds and catching air every now again, I must admit, I screamed the loudest of the 5 of us. What a wonderful way to wind down after a very busy 2 weeks.