Creating Inclusion

Mission Statement

To provide and develop rehabilitation treatment, education and training in areas of need.


Our Mandate

To organize and conduct international rehabilitation outreach projects, with a focus on training, in areas identified as having a need.

To increase education on disability & rehabilitation in underdeveloped and developing regions.

To provide support, via partnerships with non-government organizations in areas of need, to children and adults with disability to obtain education and rehabilitative care.


The Origin of TCHH

Find out how TCHH began and where we're going next.

Board of Directors

Team Canada Healing Hands is a registered non-profit organization in the province of New Brunswick, and a Registered Canadian Charity. There is an annual meeting at which time the Board is elected.

Chair – Colleen O’Connell

Vice Chair – Karen Mallet

Treasurer – Andrew Craik

Secretary – Brenda MacAlpine

Director of Communication - Karen MacKenzie-Stepner

Members at Large – Ruth Duggan, Deborah Kean, Gilles Boudreau

Board of Directors

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TCHH Publications

Meeting the Challenges of Spinal Cord Injury Care Following Sudden Onset Disaster – Lessons Learned.
Improved disaster response has led to higher survival rates and an increasing number of injuries in relation to deaths (injury to death ratio). Recent earthquakes,...
The challenge of spinal cord injury care in the developing world.
Great strides have been made in reducing morbidity and mortality following spinal cord injury (SCI), and improving long-term health and community participation; however, this progress...
Spinal Cord Injury in Postearthquake Haiti: Lessons Learned and Future Needs.
Before the earthquake, Haiti was the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere and was ranked 149 on the 2009 Human Development Index. The existing health...
Best Practice Guidelines on Surgical Response in Disasters and Humanitarian Emergencies.
During the 2011 Humanitarian Action Summit best practice guidelines were proposed to provide greater accountability and standardization in surgical humanitarian relief efforts. Read More
Post-earthquake Haiti: The Critical role for Rehabilitation Services Following a Humanitarian Crisis.
We share our experiences of working in post-earthquake Haiti, and highlight that this event has raised awareness of the critical importance of providing rehabilitation services...
Consensus Statements Regarding the Multidisciplinary Care of Limb Amputation Patients in Disasters or Humanitarian Emergencies.
Limb amputations are frequently performed as a result of trauma inflicted during conflict or disasters. As demonstrated during the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, coordinating care...