Hearing and Communication Team partnering with the ORLO Foundation

This is blog 4 of a 4 part blog series by the Hearing and Communication Team

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The main partner of TCHH’s hearing and communication project is now the ORLO foundation with whom a collaboration was set up and signed in October 2018. The ORLO foundation will run a permanent clinic in audiology and hearing aids which will be available to many Haitians. 

The primary goal of the ORLO Foundation is to serve Haitians by offering specialized care at a reduced cost.   Technicians working with ORLO are trained to detect certain hearing problems, then to refer them to local hospitals and to help in the rehabilitation and education of the Haitian population and prevention of hearing problems.

A fundraising campaign was launched in 2018 to build a new clinic. The ORLO foundation is proud to report that construction has reached the point where the premises are ready to accommodate the audiology equipment (sound proof booth, audiometers, middle ear analyzers etc.)

This new clinic, where equipment provided by TCHH has already been set up, and part of the furniture donated by Haitian benefactors, will add to the services already offered at the existing ORLO clinic and at the Hôpital de l’Haitian State University.  New technicians will be needed for this clinic, so candidates will be trained by the TCHH Hearing and Communication team. New technicians will therefore have to be trained for this new location

The members of our team are just waiting for the green light to return to Haiti and install specialized equipment on the premises. We are incredibly happy to be able to count on the voluntary services from Brian Chow, from Electro-Medical Instruments co., a highly specialized technician.  He is able to install, repair and calibrate the devices used in audiology and hearing aids.

We already have several pieces of equipment on site that will be relocated to the ORLO Foundation during our next mission. However, the purchase of new devices will also be necessary.  

While waiting to return to Haiti, we are continuing our efforts to collect donations that will be used to properly equip the new clinic and help cover the costs of the next mission. Donations also allow the purchase of hearing aids. Your donations would be greatly appreciated.