Betty – Training in Audiometry and Hearing Aids in Haiti

In order to give you a better picture of our project and its real impact on the Haitian community, the  and communication project of Team Canada Healing Hands is proud to introduce you to some of the people we have worked with since the start of the project in Haiti and who have received training in audiometry and hearing aids.

Betty Sindia Romain is an audiometry and hearing aid technician who was trained by the members of the project. Her training began in the early phase of our project.

Betty is a nurse employed by the ORLO (Otolaryngology and Ophthalmology) medical clinic in Port-Au-Prince. Her employer selected her to be trained by our team.

Betty has successfully completed the theoretical and practical training. She was trained, among other things, to perform audiometry tests and to program hearing aids. Her human qualities and her quick understanding of deafness and its impacts also make her an invaluable translator for our team.

Betty is a ray of sunshine, always motivated, ready to learn and to help. She has an excellent sense of humor and a very warm and engaging personality.

In 2011, two training programs were created, namely training for audiometric technicians and training for hearing aid technicians (hearing aid fitting, programming and repairs).

An enormous amount of work was invested in the creation of theoretical training manuals by our members Christine Turgeon, audiologist, for the audiometry training manual as well as Marylin Rancourt-Emond and Francis Garnier, audioprosthetists, for the hearing aid training manual. Training is offered to individuals chosen by our local partners.

The training begins with theoretical courses which are offered during our missions on site. After completion of the course, an exam is administered to ensure that a solid theoretical foundation is acquired prior to the practical training. Practical training under the direct supervision of volunteer audiologists and audioprosthetists is then offered.

After a sufficient number of hours of supervised practice, students are assessed with a practical exam. If the exam is successfully completed, a training certificate is issued.  In general, a minimum period of two years is required for the completion of the training. We are pleased to say that the majority of students who have completed the training continue to work in the field in Port-au-Prince.

Stay tuned to meet other people who are involved in the Team Canada Healing Hands hearing and communication project locally.