Literacy with the Deaf Schools Training Team

Students at Escuela Educación Especial in San Cristobel Verapez, Guatemala are enjoying the books in the new library built in their school in partnership with the Deaf School Teacher Training Team. Guatemala continues to rank among the lowest in literacy within Latin American countries.  The Deaf Schools Teacher Taking Team has partnered with 2 schools in the northwest mountain region of Guatemala to develop a literacy program for their Deaf students. Over the next 3 years, they will be working together to develop both book and technology literacy skills of the 4-18 years old Deaf students.

Oh that’s what the inside of a frog looks like

Teachers at Pazapa School in Jacmel, Haiti gathered round to review different teaching materials for a science lesson on frogs. The Deaf Schools Teacher Training Team works with the teachers to discuss different ways of teaching Deaf students to allow them to have full access to the information. Teachers and the Team discuss alternative ways of presenting information visually and in sign language. Each teacher then gets to practice the signs and learns how to expand on them to convey the knowledge needed to teach the curriculum. The Team also works with the teachers to discuss and practice possible hands-on activities to supplement the lesson.

Can you guess the name of the book????

Teachers at Escuela Educación Especial work with the Deaf Schools Teacher Training Team to develop new teaching methods to increase literacy and world knowledge. Using the Spanish version of the Earle Carle Book- Panda Bear Panda Bear, What do you see?  The deaf students are taught the animal names in written and sign language format as well as information about where they live, what they eat and other factual information.  Different hands-on activities such as coloring and making of masks are used to solidify the student’s learning.