Deaf Education Trip to Guatemala (Part 3)

Direct Teacher Training 

While visiting EDECRI (Escuela De Educación Especial Y Centro De Rehabilitación Integral) School in Coban and Escuela Educación Especial in San Cristobal we worked with the local teachers of the Deaf (Paulo, Rosanna, Ismenia, and Sofy)on lesson planning, differentiation and creating behavior plans. Jordanna (a Canadian team member) outlined the lesson planning format and timing followed by examples of math concepts through hands-on learning and movement engagement.  Karen (our team leader) explicitly taught literacy 

through vocabulary development, different writing exercises, and many non-fiction text features that she then modeled using visuals, supporting anchor charts, and manipulatives. This direct teacher training gave the teachers the opportunity to see the materials in action and to ask questions. We followed this with a frank discussion on  how they could see themselves using and implementing the curriculum with their students.