PT’s, OT’s (with Wheelchair Experience) and Seating Techs Needed

Team:  Wheelchair Seating Team

Where: Upcoming trips include Dominican Republic and Kenya

Description: The seating team is often seeking clinicians with experience in seating.  OT’s or PT‘s must be  able to perform mat assessments quickly  and determine necessary  adjustments quickly and accurately.  They must also be familiar with using tools to perform adjustments.

Seating techs are typically from the medical supply industry.  They must be skilled at adjusting chairs quickly, knowing how to adjust chairs and  have creative thinking skills on how to adapt chairs they are not familiar with.  At times we can take non industry people who are mechanically inclined and take direction easily from people who know what to do and then work quickly.

All working conditions for all members are hot, often noisy, fast paced, outdoors in variable terrain with very large volumes of people of varying disability or deformity who need to be fitted.  You  must be able to think and act quickly no matter the heat and fatigue.  There are no one hour blocks for assessments in-clinic, it is multiple clients at once moving quickly to ensure people are properly positioned.  If you are doing wheelchair skills training you will be training people in groups quickly to keep the flow moving.  By the time clients get to you they are hot and tired from sitting in the heat all day, you must be quick and clear.

You are expected to pack the tools you will need in your checked luggage along with seating products that may be donated and need to be transported.  Your personal items are to be brought in carry on luggage.

It is an experience like no other!  The  team currently is made up of mature, repeat volunteers but new members with the necessary skill set are welcome to apply and discuss team fit with the team leader.

Contact Team Leader : Brenda MacAlpine