The Rewards of Working with Others

The students at the Deaf school in Pacullpa, Peru wanted to share their culture and food with the team. We had a fun afternoon eating food prepared by the parents of each class. We had the task of eating each food and judging it on appearance and taste. The students explained how each dish was made and encouraged us to try more and more.  We had the opportunity to eat turtle, parrot eggs and even jungle rat. It was an experience that we will remember for a very long time. And no jungle rat does not taste like chicken.


Our Deaf Schools Teacher Training Team has partnered with 2 schools in Guatemala for the last 4 years. Each time we arrive, the students at the schools are excited to see us and they tend to put on a little show to welcome us.  The students work on their performances in the month leading up to our visit. On the day of our arrival, the parents gather at the school and watch the performances with us. It provides the family an opportunity to see us interact with their children in sign language. It gives the team the opportunity to see some local culture and outfits. Each time we return we look forward to see what the students will do.