Seating Team in Nepal

Author: Brenda MacAlpine          Occupational Therapist

I am often asked if I go to the same location repeatedly with a seating team. People seem surprised when I say I hope not to.

It is ultimate success in my mind as it means the local team we work with have a level of competence to continue on their own.

Case in point would be SIRC in Nepal. This impressive rehab center has welcomed many professionals for training in many disciplines from many organizations.  Their staff are competent and capable.  When they have a specific need they ask for assistance with training.  One example was post-earthquake in 2015 where they amassed so many people with spinal cord injuries who needed wheelchairs set up that it was too much for their staff to manage this and continue to work on people’s functional rehabilitation.  They had a large wheelchair shipment donation from Walkabout Foundation arriving and many people needing fittings at the same time.

A team of 3 seating team therapists deployed to help with seating and worked in conjunction with SIRC’s seating technicians.  It was a great partnership, an amazing one time injection of assistance to help so many people.

 Visit this video to watch their staff in action.  They have a beautiful seating department and an advanced wheelchair skills training program. 

The SIRC’s facility is modern,  and addresses rehabilitation needs including vocational skills training.  Take a look at their website to learn more about a great organization.