Helping in Ukraine

As many of us watch the news unfolding in Ukraine we wonder how we can help.  I believe if you have a specific skill to share, you should share it.  At this point, our sharing technique has to change.  We cannot go to help in person, but we can certainly support organizations on the ground who can help the mobility impaired now as they try to navigate the immense new challenges that war has foisted upon them.  

It is not time to send things.  The logistics of moving products in times of disaster make monetary donations far more practical.  

I reached out to the Walkabout Foundation who pointed out that Momentum Wheels for Humanity has worked in the Ukraine for many years with facilities on the ground there and have local teams in place to help.

I would encourage anyone who feels the need to help with rehab efforts to consider donating to Momentum Wheels for Humanity’s Ukraine fundraising.

One day we may find ourselves helping onsite in the Ukraine but for now we can support rehab efforts from afar.