Deaf Education Trip to Guatemala (Part 2)

First Annual Team Canada Healing Hands- Zona Extrema Soccer Game

During our first week in Guatemala, we were scheduled to be at EDECRI (Escuela De Educación Especial Y Centro De Rehabilitación Integral) School. It was also a time where the COVID-19 numbers in Coban had increased, and the school was closed to students. We were still able to work with their teachers and Paulo arranged for us to meet with some of the students and their parents at the mall one afternoon. It was a wonderful opportunity to discuss hearing loss and accommodations teachers and parents can make easily at home and at school.  Toufic again took the opportunity to discuss his Deaf life experiences and how his parents played a large role in his education.

Toufic discussed the importance that sports played in his life and the parents expressed their concern about their Deaf child not having the opportunity to play sports in their community. So we decided to assist. Our Deaf Education Team partnered with Zona Extrema to host a soccer game in San Cristobel for the Deaf students to play and their families to watch.  Toufic explained to the coaches, players and the referee how to signal the Deaf students and how to ensure that Deaf students are included in the plays. There were many big smiles all around and we hope to continue this as an annual event.