Team Canada Healing Hands Inc is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the provision of rehabilitative education, training, and care in areas of need.

L’Equipe Canadienne – Healing Hands Inc. est une organisation à but non-lucratif dédiée à subvenir à l’éducation et l’entraînement en réadaptation ainsi qu’à administrer des soins dans les endroits qui en ont le plus besoin. 

TCHH Activity Update

Team Canada Healing Hands - 2012 Year in Review.

by Colleen O'Connell, MD, Board Chair, Executive Director Team/Equipe Canada HealingHands.

Team/Equipe Canada Healing Hands' mission is to foster the development of sustainable rehabilitation services in low-resourced countries. Throughout the past year, over 40 TCHH volunteers provided education and training sessions, along with mentoring through patient evaluations and care alongside local health workers in Belize and Haiti.

Our volunteers continue to strengthen our programs with existing partners, while forging new initiatives to further improve services for citizens living with disability. In 2012, this work included training and mentoring collaborations, with 8 different Haiti and Belize-based non-profit health facilities, from pediatric outreach with Pazapa in rural southern Haiti, therapy program development on the small Haitian island of Ile-a-Vache, to teacher training and pediatric clinics with Care Belize and the World Pediatric Project. We provided specialized wheelchair seating teams, with local therapists' participation, equipment, as well as training and assessments for children in 7 different Haitian orphanages. Prosthetic and Orthotic (artificial limbs and braces) volunteers completed our first collaboration in Belize. Our speech and hearing programs continue to make groundbreaking change in the provision of high quality speech-language pathology training and audiology services development in Haiti. Our continued support of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) care included outreach workshops conducted in three communities featuring 80 participants from 12 different organizations in the country.

We continue to grow as an organization as we focus on improving the care for patients with complex injuries. One area of focus is hosting an electronic platform that functions as the only collaborative network for facilitating SCI care in Haiti. TCHH is organizing and funding a two-day workshop of this group in early 2013. The meeting will have over 30 participants representing 17 organizations including participation of the Haitian Ministry of Health and the Secretary of State for Inclusions of Persons with Disability. TCHH has enabled this group to identify key needs and challenges, and advocate with one voice to the government.

Through initiatives like this and your continued support we are seeing positive change in the lives of those living with disability. In our work, and our collaborative partnerships with local organizations, we have seen improvements in capacity of local providers to lead in rehabilitation care. We are committed to the care of persons with disabilities, and to further improve the capacity to deliver this care in a sustainable system. From all of us at TCHH, thank you for your trust, your care and support, that makes this all possible

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