About Us

Team Canada Healing Hands Inc is a not-for-profit, registered Canadian charity, dedicated to the provision of rehabilitative education, training, and care in areas of need. Volunteers are medical professionalsand support personnel who work year long fundraising and organizing projects that typically culminate in 7-14 day intensive team missions internationally. Since 2003, 40-50 volunteers have traveled annually to Haiti. Although we are based in Fredericton, NB, volunteers have participated from across Canada, including Ontario, Nova Scotia, Alberta, Manitoba and British Columbia. Many volunteers are “repeaters”, with some having done 3 or more trips to date.

During each mission, volunteers both teach and provide care in rehabilitation clinics, prosthetic and orthotic clinics, hospitals and orphanages, as well as teach courses in rehabilitative therapy, public health, primary care, and specialized medical topics. We all stay together in a guesthouse (4-8 per room in dormitory style cots), and evenings and weekends are spent preparing equipment and programs for the coming days, participating in cultural events, team debriefings, and learning about our host country.

Volunteers have included: physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, pediatricians, family doctors, orthopedic surgeons, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, massage therapists, prosthetists, orthotists, pedorthists, engineers, wheelchair technicians, teachers, administrators, business professionals, computer technologists, medical students and residents, nursing students.


To provide and develop interdisciplinary rehabilitation treatment, education and training in areas of need.


  1. To organize and conduct international rehabilitation outreach projects, with a focus on training, in areas identified as having a need.
  2. To increase education about disability and rehabilitation in underdeveloped and developing regions.
  3. To create opportunities for Canadian rehabilitation professionals and skilled volunteers who are willing to volunteer time and/or resources to projects in underdeveloped and developing regions both nationally and internationally.
  4. To provide support, via partnerships with non-government organizations in areas of need, to children and adults with disability to obtain education and rehabilitative care.


  1. Healing Hands promotes and encourages provision of quality physical rehabilitation services by local citizens themselves, in a spirit of self-determination, non-dependency, and human dignity.
  2. Members will work together with partner organizations or governments in recipient regions to ensure projects are medically valuable, culturally appropriate, and sustainable.
  3. Members will volunteer their own time and will not be financially or otherwise reimbursed for their services.
  4. Healing Hands will seek to educate their own members, colleagues and the public on issues of disability in the developing regions of the world, and will make public reports of their projects.
  5. Healing Hands will maintain a database of rehabilitation and other professionals who are interested in participating in overseas or local projects. Members of the database will understand that being named on the list does not impart any obligation or guarantee that they will be asked to participate in any projects.
  6. Funding for projects and activities will be though charitable donations and fundraising activities. Healing Hands will function as a not-for-profit organization, and will seek only funds required to cover the expenses related to particular projects. Members may pay a nominal administration fee to cover costs associated with administration.

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